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Assist - Life Stage / Transition

Navigating life stages and transitions can be challenging for individuals with disabilities, but Victorian Home and Community Care is here to offer guidance and support every step of the way. Our services include assistance with life stage transitions, whether it’s transitioning from school to adulthood, moving to independent living arrangements, or adjusting to changes in health or circumstances. We provide personalized support and practical assistance to help you set and achieve goals, build life skills, and navigate transitions with confidence and resilience. Our team collaborates closely with clients, families, and other support networks to ensure a smooth and successful transition to each new life stage.

Reason to Choose Us

Why choose VHCC?

A Team of 300 + Multicultural Care Workers to Meet Your Needs

At VHCC we understand the challenges you face in the community. We strive to work in partnership with our participants and families to provide unique support and services. We deliver tailored services with diversity for our participants to achieve their individual goals.  Our dedicated team is committed to provide holistic approach to assist you with life skills and independence you need at home and the community. We have proudly served community members from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Maybe you need customised services to fulfil cultural or religious practices. Maybe you simply need a support worker who speaks your language. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here.

A Strong Sense of Community

At VHCC, we have got you covered. Built on a community-centric approach, we know that we work best when we work together. That’s why we have developed community participation programs to encourage socialisation and camaraderie. Whether it’s a cooking class or a group walking tour, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to regain your sense of community. Soon, you’ll find that you haven’t just gained a support network, but a second family. We put the attention back on you and together, create a better tomorrow.

Inventive & Innovative Solutions

As human beings, our needs are always changing. If you are living with a disability, your needs may change even quicker. When you have more complex needs, you need to lean on more sophisticated support systems. We get it. And we are here to help. Our team at VHCC always finding new and innovative ways to help you live freely and independently. With modern technology and philosophies, we adapt to your ever-changing needs with ease. We place innovation at the forefront of your care to help you reach your goals and exceed your own expectations.

Our Mission

VHCC’s Mission is to utilise its staff to provide quality and smart care services to a diverse community. To create individual support networks to foster the wellbeing and independence of clients. Through high quality care and services our focus is on individuality and choice.

Our Vision

VHCC’s Vision is people with disabilities achieve their full potential. Improving your quality of life is our greatest key performance indicator. Through holistic services, we wish to support clients to remain independent and active members of their community.
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